Size 7

What you know about, what is in that file, my name, D.O.B, my crime.

These consequences, yes they are my time, as I must serve in order to be free from choices made that lead up to my arrest, my addiction, my struggles, my understanings.

The folder is just a mistake I can add to my lessons learned,

Mistakes that built me up to be a better me, but what that file will not tell you about thee,

I am a worthy person.

  1. I volunteer at animal shelters when I have the time.
  2. I have worked with children abandon, disabilities, and bullied. Children who have parents with addictions, and see the pain it causes all around. I am a mentor of God’s display  how trusting him can in fact lead to victory.
  3. I have seen things, people couldn’t live with.
  4. I have put my efforts in making a difference.
  5. I strive to make everyone happy before myself.
  6. I was raised by a verbally abusive alcoholic step father, because my real dad was too busy to care about me, in fact he was more focused on himself.
  7. My step dad has been in alcohol recovery for over six years, he is my best friend and a huge part of why I am sober today!
  8. I am forgiving
  9. I had things that have happen to me as a Kid, I never approached to fix, so I drank myself to a deep sleep so the hurt couldn’t surface.
  10. Yes, I myself have had a love for alcohol more than many blessings I had, but I have recovered the old me lost in a bottle. The old me died, and I have a new life based on God’s offerings, not my own, not the worlds, because those can be Satan’s lies.
  11. I have driven myself crazy believing my past will always control me, to the point I would say I am the mistake I am the burden But truth: I am a Child of God, I live for Him and his Nature of being apart of the HUMAN RACE.
  12. I have convinced myself my mom deserves a better child, yet how can I conclude this theory, when God himself knitted me in her womb. I am blesssed, not cursed!

Yet I am and always will be the type of person who knows, my addiction, my DWAI, my probation is no one’s fault. It is my fault for not trusting the good Lord to provide and take care of me. Turning away and not seeing what he in fact has given me.Take responsibility and own up to your own actions, but don’t ever let anyone tell you, you’re not great, your useless, but most of all don’t let yourself tie the concreate block to your feet and drown yourself in your sorrows. Stand up for yourself and remember God in fact gave you the very first breathe you had, he has granted you life. Be a bird and be free, as long as you can be, love one another, pray for your enemy, and think of others before you place your judgment upon them. Take the plank out of your eye before you try to endorse the problem in your brother’s eye. And lastly be free of worry, anxiety, stress, things you cannot change. Life is a blessing; it was a gift from our almighty creator who gave his ONLY SON’S LIFE for you to be free. Do something, if you don’t like something change it and if you can’t walk away. Respect your authority for God has placed them in your life for a reason. These 12 things I have discovered about myself, flaws, and mistakes great traits are things in that file that you will never see. It will never reveal what size of shoe that I wear, and I am okay with that because God made these shoes just for me, and I will walk in them with hope, faith, love, happiness because God tied my shoe laces for them to fit me perfectly. So ask yourself this, who are you living for?



Shooting Stars

Just Like a shooting star,

I see where we are,

See our shine, see our fall.

Close my eyes and wish upon.

Legend proved?

False or true?

Oh shooting star, shooting star,

This love

It dies too.

Wrong or right

We can’t survive this fight.

These hearts,


These minds,


Broken Bond,

Drift away.

Legend proved?

False or true?

Oh shooting star, shooting star,

This love….

IT dies too…

We shined so bright,

Together as one,

Brighter then the others

up above.

Shooting star, please don’t fall.

But if you do….

Take these memories,

Take this pain.

Death these feelings,

Shooting star, shooting star

My wish for above,

Dusk to dawn,

So when I wake…..

Legend proved!


Shooting star, shooting star.

This dies too!!!!